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Why download The Freedom of Responsibility?

The Freedom of Responsibility workbook makes it easy to help people realize:

  • How they're contributing to their problems
  • Whether they’re doing too much or too little to change their circumstances
  • The often-overlooked solutions to their dilemmas

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How can you use this in your ministry?

You probably know someone like Kelly or Donald

Kelly is viewed by others as an overachiever, because she is quick to take initiative, and she rarely asks for help. Donald does whatever he can to not be held responsible. He has difficulty holding jobs, and he rarely offers to help others.

Kelly’s and Donald’s problem with responsibility

Neither Kelly nor Donald assumes appropriate levels of responsibility in life. Kelly assumes too much; Donald assumes too little. Pastoral care for them will involve teaching them how to assume personal responsibility while recognizing the roles that God or others might have in their lives.

The Freedom of Responsibility equips you to have structured, goal-oriented conversations with people like Kelly or Donald about what healthy levels of responsibility look like. Download The Freedom of Responsibility today.

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